How is digital technology boosting a new level of growth in FMCG sector?

Covid-19 has truly shown the world the importance of technology and especially to the Kirana stores that remained open throughout the lockdown amidst all the hullabaloos. These stores are now beginning to leverage on technologies and witness a new level of growth in their traditional trade stores.

How these stores survived before COVID-19 and digital technology hit our lives?

In the earlier days, these stores didn’t have any direct interaction with the FMCG industry. They were not aware of their visibility pay-outs and had no engagement channels due to which they had to deal with issues like no clarity on program details and no clarity on incentives. Their problem didn’t stop there, but they also missed out on having a transparent channel for disbursal of pay-outs on-time, therefore most of the times money did not reach the beneficiary at the right time or sometimes it was not the right amount.

Even after all the struggle and hard work they never received the incentives directly into their bank accounts. This all created a lot of chaos in their businesses and hence the Kirana stores experienced lesser growth in the market.

But then the game changed for the modern trade stores in 2021. With limited restrictions and longer store hours, modern trade started evolving as a new face in India. The brands have shifted to offer strong schemes and promotions to get the customer’s attention. Many of the industry experts have confirmed that the tide has turned, and recovery is also on an upswing for the modern trade channel.

How has digital technology transformed the Kirana stores?

During the pandemic when adoption of digital technology became requisite for the kirana stores, they experienced revolution at a large pace. And this is where Love In Store stepped as a helping hand for these stores and FMCG industry.

With our effective pay and engage solution we started doing two-step authenticated KYC and verification, which in turn reduced the risk of ghost stores

A transparent channel to connect with the FMCG industry

We provide a clean store data to the clients

Web application which is platform agnostic to have complete track of pay-outs

The store owners could now easily have track of their store performance and target achievements

Direct disbursal of incentives into the account of stores which provided lots of benefits to the stores

Love In Store: Your partner in the digital journey

Love In Store is one of the top pay-out and engagement service providers in India. With our effective and unique solution, we are helping 14 of the big FMCG companies to run their payouts and engagement programs. Not only this, with our team of trained experts, we do 400k+ transactions annually and process pay-out worth 200cr annually.

How does our process work?

Enrolling stores and salesmen through our in-house developed application

Back-end tele-verification and Rs. 1 transaction to audit and verify KYC information

Disbursing incentives/pay-outs directly into the bank account of stores and salesmen

One-click web application and WhatsApp chatbot to download invoice and track pay-outs

So, this is the right time to step into the digital world and experience the growth with enhanced business continuity. Connect with us today and witness a hassle-free payouts and engagement journey.

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