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Our core differentiator of tech as a service has evolved gradually into an independent business vertical. Our merchandiser and promoter app, audit and dashboarding, and AI capabilities are all in-house and have been built gradually since 2017. Our tech team works closely with a 20+ member product team comprising technical writers that have come together to solve everyday business problems.

Our Expertise

LIS App techAI


It has deep detailing in terms of modules and offers a high level of flexibility to adapt the app to each use case. Modules of attendance management, store management, stock take, Share of Shelf, Visibility availability, customer interaction, customer feedback, sales, PJP management, travel management, and expenses management together make this a very comprehensive use case. The app has been built store upwards and is live across 30+ customers.

Account Mein App

Account Mein App / Web App

Retailers, Wholesalers, RPDs/SUB DBs, DSRs, and gig workers — each have a unique use case for KYC collection and verification. The app is live across 25+ customers and has collected over 5,00,000 KYCs to date. It also has integration with various systems to offer one-click KYC collection and penny-drop transaction services.

Retailer PW

Retailer PWA

It is a NO DOWNLOAD NO LOGIN Progressive Web App that allows the end user to get real-time updates on programmes, payouts, historical transactions, gift catalogs, etc. It has a first-in-industry video bot that is multi-lingual and offers the easiest-to-use solution for direct retailer communication. This is live across 1,00,000 key retail in the country.

AI Image

AI & Image Recognition

We as a company process over 1 million images a month, and this data bank became the base of setting this up. With 95% efficiency in modern trade and 92% efficiency in general trade, the product recognizes pack availability, out-of-stock, promo availability, competition availability, the share of shelf, and asset purity for 10+ FMCG customers. This along with our other solutions adds to our capability and solution ability making us the most forward in the industry.

Tableau Power

Tableau, Power BI, Qlikview

We adapted to this industry use case by building the in-house capability of dashboarding, offering the output dashboards on the client's current BI tool with basic API linkages. This is done at a low additional cost as there is no data integration required plus also ensures that the clients get easy access to mobile apps, portals, and their internal logins of the data they wish to see every day. This has been successfully deployed across all managed services clients.

LIS Spider

LIS Spider (Web Crawler)

The crawler has been built with a CPG focus and has the ability to crawl both app and web-based marketplaces — Amazon, Flipkart, Blinkit, Zepto, Dunzo, Nykaa, 1MG, NetMeds, and many others. The crawler captures and then dashboards the information into a readable and actionable format. Information around availability across multiple pin codes, Share of search, competition availability, lifetime reviews and ratings, sentiment analysis, buy box, and sales loss is offered as a daily crawling service and can be seen as BI tool dashboards.

SFA Tools

SFA tools

With over 1000 uses using it for sales tracking, expense tracking, visibility tracking, and order fulfillment. Deployed at multiple large CPG companies it is a subset of our Merchandiser promoter application and keeps building modules and use cases with each year and new customers.

Customized Deployments

Customized Deployments

We have limited the use case to retailers and channel partners as we are more entrenched in that sector. Connect with our team to understand more about this service and how you can better your operations.

Problems We Solve


In-Store Promoter, Merchandiser, BA — Management and Reporting


Maker Checker — Pure AI based Audit solution with 95% efficiency


Clean and Clear Dashboarding and outputs with in-house BI tool capabilities.


Crawling and Dashboarding 20 Ecomm Marketplaces


One-click Customer Interaction with Payment Updates


People tracking and market intelligence reporting.


Users of App


Users of PWA

1 Million Monthly

Images Processed

Live Across 36 Clients

Data Dashboards

24 Clients/2800 Users


18 Leading Platforms



We are uniquely positioned as we are the only company in this industry to have such a trained and well equipped in house tech team. This not only gives us a cost and service advantage but also ensures that we stay a few years ahead of our competition. Since 2017, we have added a new solution to our mix every 6 months, and plan to continue the trend upwards in terms of offerings and innovations. We wish to be the most comprehensive and modern CPG service tech team in the country.

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