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Key to Business Growth-Multiple Online Platforms

In today's digital age, more businesses are moving towards e-commerce and choosing to sell their products online. However, with so many options available, it’s becoming quite difficult for the brands to stand out. It is very crucial that brands identify their business strength and develop strategies accordingly for the best results. One such strategy is the “Use of Multiple Online Platforms”.

Having a strong online presence is essential for any business to excel. With the vast array of online platforms available, it has become increasingly important to diversify your presence and utilize multiple platforms to maximize your online sales.

Why is the Multiple Platforms Strategy Important?

  • One of the primary reasons why businesses should use multiple online platforms is to reach out to their target audience. Each platform caters to a specific kind of audience, and obviously, having a presence on all platforms helps you reach a wider audience. 
  • Using multiple online platforms also helps in creating brand awareness. When you are present on multiple platforms, it establishes your brand's authority and reputation, making your brand more recognizable. 
  • Multiple Platforms Strategy plays a critical role in creating customer retention and establishing brand loyalty. Customers tend to believe more in the authenticity of the brands when they see them on various online platforms. 
  • Number of E-commerce platforms has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. However, each of the platforms supports different type of content and have different requirements. Being on multiple platforms means you can create diverse content and engage with the potential audience in a unique way to cater to their requirements.
  • Another benefit of using multiple platforms is that it increases your chance of being found on search engines. This works as a sign that your brand is trustworthy which results in pushing up your brand and bringing in organic traffic. 
  • Being on multiple different online platforms helps you stay updated with the changing trends and customer requirements. It helps to understand which platform and what kind of customers are bringing in more business for your brand. Learning about the platforms will help you strategize your further steps in the process of growing your business online.

Understanding Consumer Behaviour!

Around 70% of consumers interact with various online marketplaces and prefer to shop from various platforms. They migrate from one platform to another before making their purchase and often look for products online in search of offers and the best price while standing in the store. 

On average, a consumer has around 5 accounts on multiple platforms. They scroll through different online marketplaces to stay updated with the ongoing trends and sales on various platforms. 

Each consumer has their own ask for online shopping. Some need the best price, some need free delivery, some might need quick delivery and the list can go on.

To maximize sales, brands need to maintain their authenticity and trust with customers. Being on multiple online platforms helps brands boost their online presence, get more recognizable and cater individual needs of different consumers and hence, increasing the overall customer base. 

Points to Keep in Mind. 

  • Not every online platform is meant for your specific product or category. It is very important for the brand to recognize which marketplace is best for their products and which might not work for them. 
  • Inventory management is one of the most crucial aspects of online sales. If not strategized properly and on time, being on multiple online channels can turn futile for the business as it will not only hamper the sale but also the brand image as a whole.

As much as it is important for the brands/sellers to be present on multiple platforms, it can be exhausting for them to handle individual platforms as per their requirements and manage orders. That’s where we pitch in, to the relief! LIS acknowledges the importance of working on multiple online platforms and professionals here have adequate information about the essential requirements of different platforms.

Onboarding on individual platforms can be tricky and time-consuming because every platform has its own requirements and process. Our experts at LIS have learned the ropes of online platforms and help sellers start their online journey with efficiency by talking their brand board on various online platforms, 

The real growth of the business starts after the onboarding process. Content and creatives play a major role in the upliftment of the brand and increasing orders. At LIS, we help the brand in the creation of the content for their products keeping in mind the algorithm of the individual platforms and the target audience. 

Data Crawler in e-commerce reduces the cost & efforts which allows the brand adequate time to focus on other aspects of business growth. For crawling, we have our in-house digital analytical tool named, “LIS SPIDER”. 

Our crawler is specialized to make your e-commerce journey easy by providing constant data reports for metrics like stock, price dynamics, content requirement, authorized seller filtration, and many more on most of e-commerce platforms.

Advertising dynamics vary on different platforms and it is vital to understand the algorithm of individual platforms. Our e-commerce account managers have optimum knowledge about how advertising benefits on individual platforms and therefore provide advertising guidance to the brands for maximum results. 

We make sure that brands make the utmost use of multiple platforms to grow their business faster and easier. If you are a newbie planning to start your online business journey or a well-known brand, reach out to us @ 1800-257-7750 or &  we promise you a smooth journey to your success. 

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