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Born in 2017, LIS is now India's largest B2B service provider in the FMCG industry. Its unique PAAS (People as a Service) Model wherein the hiring. training, deployment, management, execution, technology, audit, reporting is managed by a single partner and has found more than 35 takers in the Industry. LIS uniquely works with a healthy mix of established FMCG companies and D2C first brands that are building out their offline channel.

With 7000+ people deployed across 552+ cities, LIS is your partner of choice for any field activations you may be looking for for your brand.

Our Services

hiring onbording

Hiring, On Boarding, Of People

Payroll Compliance

Payroll, Compliance and Statutory Requirements Management


Execution and End to End Ownership


Sales Delivery in Sales Programmes

Mobile App

Mobile App for best in Class Reporting


In House AI for deployment updates and other insights

tableau power

tableau /power bi capability for real time dashboards

Unique Salary

Unique Salary + Model for transparent pricing

KPI linked

KPI Linked management Fees

How Does It Work?

A client mandates a setup of let's say a 100 people team in the field. LIS will set up a 100-member team, managed by supervisors managed by a Program Manager. This team will be dedicatedly working with the client. The team will be enabled with our in-house mobile application. We will train the team and deliver the execution. We will audit the app inputs, and give a daily report on execution and trends based on clients' requirements. One vendor manages this end-to-end.

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Problems We Solve

Merge services

Merge services of 5 vendors in to one

AI based audits

AI based audit so no maker checker issue

Transparent billing

Transparent billing so no flat fees on monthly basis

KPI Ownership

KPI Ownership and delivery irrespective of type of program

Our Numbers






GT Stores


MT Stores




Largest Player

Largest Player in the FMCG Industry - 7000+ People

Most Spread

Most Spread Out Network - 552+ Cities

60 Clients and counting

75+ Clients and counting


Largest sourcing network


Largest training team


In-house technology and AI and BI tool capabilities


Experience across all cities, markets, channels


Transparent billing with KPI-linked fees

Our Clients

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