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LIS- A Comprehensive Guide to Offline Trade

The retail industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years, driven by changing consumer preferences, technological advancements, and evolving business models. Yet even today, 85% of retail shopping is offline.

With more than 13 million grocery stores in India, two primary trade channels that are shaping the contemporary retail landscape are - Modern Trade and General Trade

Modern Trade refers to the large-scale retail store where customers experience a range of products of the brand. It encompasses shop formats like supermarkets, hypermarkets, etc. 

On the other hand, General Trade refers to the traditional and smaller-scale retail shops where customers directly ask the shopkeeper for a specific product/brand. It encompasses small grocery stores, local departmental stores, etc. 

In this blog, let’s understand more about the Modern Trade Stores.

Modern Trade outlets are often spacious, well organized, and cover a variety of products and brands. Products ranging from groceries to electronics, consumers find every category of products under one roof. 

With a massive variety of products in the market, it is crucial for the brands to stay relevant all the time and be present in the eyes of the consumers at the point of purchase. One way to achieve this is through distribution, which is to make sure that products reach all the stores. But only distribution of the products is not sufficient, the brand needs to influence the customers into buying their products. 

One way to influence the customers is by media investment and advertising through digital media channels which turns out to be quite expensive for the company. The second and more cost-effective way is to invest in point of sale by appointing promoters in modern trade stores. 

Let’s understand the role of the promoters in the brand-building process for the company-

Brand-building process

Product Demonstration & Education- One of the prime duties of brand promoters is to demonstrate the features and benefits of the products. They provide customers with hands-on experience, explaining how the product works and how it can fulfill their needs. 

Building Brand Awareness- Promoters are like brand ambassadors in the store, actively promoting brand awareness. Promoters are not salesman but they understand the needs of the consumers and help them with the right product. 

Gathering Customer Feedback- Promoters in the store serve as a valuable source of feedback from the customers. They conduct product samplings in the store and collect customers’ opinions, preferences, suggestions, and feedback which is used for product improvement. 

Merchandising- Promoters maintain good relationships with the store staff and collaborate with them to ensure that the products are well-merchandised and easy for customers to find. These relationships are crucial for the brand to secure shelf space, and prime display locations, especially during festive seasons. 

Inventory Management- Promoters in the store also help in maintaining inventory, ensuring that no high-demand products go out of stock. They also ensure that all products are placed on the shelves and offers are displayed properly for better visibility. 

Promoters are unsung heroes of the modern trade, increasing sales and driving success for both the brand and the retail landscape. They play an important role in brand building, but it is crucial to appoint efficient resources and keep them motivated to sustain optimum performances. This is where the role of LIS comes into play.

At Love in Store, we hire optimum resources for the role of promoters for our clientele. To ensure the efficient performance of the appointed promoters, regular sessions are conducted for continuous learning.

Promoters Training

Promoters are one of the strong sources of marketing for the brand and we at LIS understand this. Our hired promoters are well-versed in marketing tactics and understand the needs of the consumers and the expectations of our brand. Professionals at LIS also keep track of the efficiency of the promoters and keep them updated with the latest marketing trends and information. Not only this, we also conduct internal competitions to boost the morale and motivation of the promoters to give their best.

If you also want to enhance your presence in the offline marketplaces, get in touch with us @

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