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LIS-Your Definitive Guide to E-Commerce

E-Commerce is a steady-rise industry growing upward and forward. Its growth has seen a boom in the last few years and its impact on the behaviour of shoppers around the world have not been missed by all big brands and companies.

The global e-commerce market was valued at US$ 16.6 Trillion in 2022. As per IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) India’s e-commerce market is expected to reach US$ 350 billion by 2030 and India’s online shopper base to be the 2nd largest globally by 2030 with nearly 500-600 Million shoppers.

The E-commerce industry has up-game many more industries such as FMCG, Clothing, Artistry, and the list goes on. Even the biggest brands understand that to be on the list of consumers, they need to be present online. With the blooming e-Commerce industry, almost everything is now available in every corner of the nation. Brands now have a larger and wider audience to pitch with their products.

E-Commerce Services

People around the world are seeking an opportunity to start their online businesses and operating ones are taking their businesses online. With massive reach, people now have wider choices to choose from which in turn has increased competition. Every month, 100s new brands get introduced and many new products are launched, but only 5% of them are able to sustain.

To stay relevant in e-Commerce, it is important to understand the skin of the game. e-Commerce comes with its own challenges and some of the most common ones are channel management, relevant content, and consistent visibility. With Nationwide deliveries, no product/ brand is limited to the state borders, one can even get groceries in minutes in the comfort of their home. You name it and it is available online. It has become crucial to keep a track of competitors and trends to be persistent and significant.

Whether you are a budding e-Commerce brand or a newbie, it is crucial for you to understand the competitive landscape of e-Commerce. This is where E-commerce agencies come in and Love is Store is one of the best-in-class. With 5000 field team members across 552+ cities and more than 5 years of experience in providing B2B services to many giant companies in India, Love In Store has stepped into the e-Commerce business in August 2021, hence becoming India’s first omnichannel platform.

With expert professionals and in-house digital analytics tools, Love In Store (LIS) helps sellers to be the leader in the online market with an effective brand strategy.

To begin the online journey, one needs to start with platform onboarding and every platform has its own requirements. It is essential for the seller to understand the channels and their working aspects. Whether it is SKU listings or content creation, every platform has its specifications, and to be on the top of the list, one has to be on par with all the platforms.

Maintaining visibility amongst thousands of sellers is one of the most challenging aspects of the e-Commerce business. Spending on advertisements on various online channels can be tricky for the sellers and can often lead to unnoticed losses which impact its sustainability.

It is correctly said that Content is the king of marketing and content creation is one of the strongest pillars of online business which is often ignored by the sellers. Strong content on online platforms can take your business to heights and therefore, it is important for the seller to maintain engaging content to build sustainable growth.

Product ListingLIS is an e-commerce agency that has professionals with a high knowledge of all the major online marketplaces. Focusing on the 3Cs- Content, Crawler, and Campaign Management, Love in Store makes sure that all the crucial aspects of online marketing are covered to boost sales and enhance discoverability. Content according to the platforms helps the brand create its reach, the crawler is our technology for better & deep analysis of the data to stay up-to-date amongst the competitors and regular campaign management helps to stay relevant and increase engagement. 

Ads algorithms of all the online platforms are well-researched by all the account managers at LIS to bring profitable results for the brands. We study the brand, its products, and its customers before advertising and therefore acquire a better ROI. Love in store is an agency where we believe appropriate advertisement of the right products can change the game for the brand and its visibility.

Entering the online space is easy but staying consistent to keep up with the changing online environment is not everyone’s cup of tea, one needs to keep a track of their competitors and analyse the needs of the consumers on regular basis. 

Love in Store penetrates the data on regular basis and analyses it to give appropriate insights and take the required steps as per the brand needs. With a highly skilled tech team, LIS is one of the most trusted agencies. We have created our in-house scraper named ‘LIS Spider’ with the focus of achieving automation and effective data management. Our technology is best-in-class and focuses on many pivotal aspects ranging from keyword analysis, rating & reviews, OSA, and buy box visibility to create reports and take actions based on it. 

Experts at LIS apprehend online marketplaces with the utmost knowledge and follow the best practices to reap the maximum benefits for our customers.

If you want to stay big in the e-Commerce industry, Love in Store is your go-to agency. As a brand, you often find yourself stuck with the hustle-bustle of different online channels or fall short of time to fulfil the required tasks. LIS offers you the bandwidth along with extended resources to streamline tasks and manage both time and talent crunch.

To master the art of e-Commerce business and take it to the next level, connect with Love in Store @1800-257-7750 or We promise you a smooth journey toward success. 

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